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Posted April 19, 2014 By admin


All images are user submitted!! Welcome to BREAKTHERANK Male Consultation!! We are here to help you be the man you want to be. Every man in the world at some point has felt insecure about something. They may not have been the best looking, best with the ladies (or men), or just not happy with themselves. Luckily there are services like ours that can teach and help you be who you truly want to be. What makes us different from every other male consultation service? Not only do we offer in person consultation but we also offer it online!! Membership is no longer free!! You may still view most of our content but for the good stuff like our NSFW pics and our Playbook its going to be $10 a month(excluding already existing members because well they stuck with us). So if you need help feeling better about yourself or just want to get the women then please fill out our application and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Posted August 29, 2014 By admin

WARNING: EVERYTHING IN THIS POST IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE ONLY. GETTING HOOKERS IS WRONG AND ILLEGAL. Hey everyone!! So today we’re gonna talk about hookers YEAH we went there. Now there’s nothing wrong with getting a female friend for the night or an hour. If you’re hungry you buy food if you’re horny you buy and escort. Cheaper than dinner and a movie anyway. Make sure you get the right one though. There are a good amount of legitimate escort services out there but the money is for “companionship” just Google your area and escorts. If you’re a little more risky and lacking funds let’s suggest backpage. is a website a lot like Craigslist which is pretty much an online neighborhood yard sale but Backpage does have a lot of “companions” for decent prices. Just check females seeking  males and you’ll know what I mean but beware these are just regular women usually not with a company so uh free clinic after? Now our old friend Craigslist for the broke and desperate. Everyone knows and loves Craigslist and you probably know it’s one of the easiest places to find a hooker. Again females looking for males and they are everywhere but these are the lowest skags so extreme caution. Now I’m not saying go get a hooker but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Also if she looks good then she’s probably a cop.

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Dating Apps

Posted August 28, 2014 By admin

Quick Tip :When it comes to dating sites and apps if the profile picture is a couple or group shot then she’s the ugly one.

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Posted August 27, 2014 By admin

Tell us why you’re here in the comments.

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A PUA is a “pick up artist”  meaning he Las learned skills to pick up any woman he wants. This does work but really is based on the theory that you should change everything about you, which isn’t always a bad idea, and play them like a game. I’m not against it I’m just pointing out the difference between me and them. I’m am in no way a pua. I only offer my educated opinions, advice and suggestions for basically free and try to explain these theories and ideas while PUA a guy tells you exactly what to do and what lines to use to get his type of girl for an outrageous amount of money. I love the PUA’s and what they do if that’s your thing check it out. Adam Lyons is especially talented is the field.

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Back to schedule

Posted August 22, 2014 By admin

Sorry about all the false promises and delays but we will be getting our Internet back this weekend which means uploads will begin again as scheduled. Mon-Fri will be useful tips and free advice with sporadic nsfw uploads for members then Saturday and Sunday will be special playbook and NSFW content for the members only and as a thank you for sticking with us through this time we will be giving away a free 25 maybe 50 dollar amazon gift card to one of our members. Just tweet @ibreaktherank with #BTRgiveaway or leave a comment to be entered to win. Again thank you and we will be back very soon.

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Posted August 17, 2014 By admin

New updates coming soon sorry for the wait. – Management

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Ashleigh Rolfe from England

Posted August 4, 2014 By admin

One of our RP submissions so enjoy


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Posted July 28, 2014 By admin

So now we’re more organized and here’s the schedule starting Monday July 28th I think.
Mon-Fri we will sporadically upload tips for everyone and new plays for the members.
Saturday and Sunday we will upload the success pictures of our lovely members that actually take and use our advise.
If you wish to view the playbook and all of our NSFW  pictures that totally aren’t revenge porn then please subscribe for only $10 a month

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Shut down

Posted July 26, 2014 By admin

This will be quick but it’s insanely important. It’s about what to do when you get shut down. I’ve mentioned it before it’s going to happen. You will get shut down eventually but how you deal with it is what matters. It’s a huge blow to the ego so naturally most people will get uncomfortable maybe a lil depressed but that’s the wrong way to handle it because that will show to everyone else in the room. In most cases the only way others will know a situation went south is how you react. If you start looking at the ground or freaking out everyone will know you lost which shows weakness. Here’s what to do!! Maintain posture keep a smile, don’t close up, be happy and walk away like it didn’t happen. Just move on. Maintain confidence. If she starts yelling just say “I’m sorry didn’t mean to offend”  and walk away from the situation. Go talk to another girl and don’t think about the one before. Build that ego back up.

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Posted July 25, 2014 By admin

Here’s an important one, players. Style, how you choose to look. Women will say what attracts them most to a man is his personality but what triggers them to talk to you and learn about your personality? It’s looks. The first thing they notice that gets them interested. So here’s what’s up its gonna be quick. First things first get clothes you feel comfortable in. That is the most important. If you’re not comfortable then you’re not gonna feel confident and confidence is king. Fitted clothing is your friend. Go to a tailor if you have to. Get your sizes right. Oversized clothes are baggy and just look sloppy so avoid those even you’re a bigger guy avoid baggy clothes. Also avoid clothes that are too tight. They can be very uncomfortable and emphasize areas that may not be flattering. Find something that hangs loosely but isn’t baggy. Jeans! In my opinion the tighter the better but to a certain point. Some people are turned off by it but others are extremely into it, kind of base this on the type of girl you’re trying get to attract. You can never go wrong with Levi. Find a dark wash like a deep Navy or black. Get a good pair of khakis also and a nice belt. Even if you don’t need a belt get one, it looks better. As for shorts you want something that goes a tiny bit past the knee but not so much that they look like capris. For shorts I really like the OP surf brand. They’re cheap and look good. Now shoes, probably the most important part. Especially for these make sure they are COMFORTABLE. Find a nice pair of casual shoes, can’t go wrong with classic converse, but keep it simple not too flashy with crazy colors. Pretty much every shoe company makes decent looking casual shoes. I stick with the skate shoes like vans or adio but it’s your choice. Alright so you have your new wardrobe but what do you wear with what? Try to match the best you can. Don’t wear something that clashes or just looks funny like never wear a black belt with brown shoes. Ask your best girl friend if you need help or send us pictures and we can help!! You can NEVER go wrong with a plain white tee dark jeans and black shoes. Simple yet looks amazing. Accessories mainly wallet and watches. These are two things you’ll want to drop a couple extra dollars on. For the wallet get a nice bifold doesn’t really matter what brand as long as it looks good and isn’t velcro. The watch is important even if you don’t use it. It shows a special type of status and class. It just adds that special something. I know this is a quick overview but we’ll go into more detail about each section a little later. By the way get rid of the graphic tees with obnoxious amounts of text that you think are oh so clever and funny. They’re not so get rid of it. Now we are not sponsored by any of these but I truly love shopping with them so check  out and my personal favorite always great deals and great style

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